Why it keeps becoming harder to secure against cyber-attacks

Even though it might make it easier for you to fall asleep in the evening, believing that your company is safe from attacks, firewalls and other security devices give you a false sense of security.


Time and time again, even companies with a very high level of cyber-security still get attacked, and here is why.

With each new data breach or cyber-attack, the complexity around threat detection and response grows and the pressure on enterprise security teams intensifies. The problem is simply that cyber-attacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication. Simply put, they never end, and they continue to become ever more difficult to detect.


As you have installed the latest software update on your firewalls, attackers are just as relentlessly working to develop and refine software programs that allow them to get around the latest cyber defense.

This never-ending war of attrition saps the average enterprise’s ability to stay ahead of the attackers. Most organizations just don’t have the time, resources or enough skilled people to deal with the constantly morphing and shape-shifting threat landscape.

In this realization, that attackers always find a way – Kill-Switch was invented.


Kill-Switch offers your company the means to react quickly to a cyberattack, be it an internal or external one and regardless of whether your IDS recognizes it as a known or unknown threat. The most important parameter during a security breach is time. Several studies show that the average reaction time from detection to the initial response action is 45 minutes. Imagine what a security breach can do to your infrastructure – and thus your business – in 45 minutes!

Now imagine that your company suffers a security breach to which you can react within seconds by automatically isolating the data center, application or PC where it all originated from. That’s precisely what a Kill-Switch allows you to do.


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