We partner up with Computerworld for conference

At the event “Cybertrusler: Få styr på IT-sikkerheden – tendenser og strategi lige nu” we take a look at the IT security landscape right now and go into depth with the latest trends, solutions, and tools in the area.



  • How the IT-criminals are currently trying to access Danish companies’ confidential data
  • Which vendors and solutions can match and meet your organization’s IT security needs.
  • How to best prioritize safety in different types of companies.
  • How to implement good IT security in a modern business structure
  • How to balance the need for security and the need for agility in the company
  • How to combine tools and workflows to ensure the best possible security for the price of your organization


The conference will be held in Aarhus the 22nd of August and again in Copenhagen the 27th of August 2019.

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