IT Sector

Security challenges facing the IT sector

  • New security threats

  • Data protection

  • Data governance, security, and privacy

  • Balancing the risks and rewards of AI

  • The strength of the cyber-security chain is only equal to the strength of its weakest link

  • Innovation and digital transformation


New security threats

“Security professionals must be extra vigilant with detection and training against these threats,” says John Samuel, CIO at CGS. “This year, companies will need to introduce AI-based protection systems to be able to contain any such attacks introduced by this next-gen tech.”


Data protection

Forward-thinking organizations are now implementing privacy by design in their products, but making sure those efforts meet GDPR standards is an ongoing concern.


Data governance, security, and privacy

Beyond the skills gap and AI transformation challenges within large enterprises globally, 2019 will be a critical year for data governance, security, and privacy. These areas will have major implications on AI utilization within and outside of the enterprise. Heavily unbalanced regulation can massively limit its applications and cause a major setback in business innovation.


Balancing the risks and rewards of AI

While the promise of AI is growing by the hour, there is also growing concern on the potential hazard AI can create when not applied cautiously. A balancing act of AI application is the number one challenge and a huge uphill task that the technology industry will have to address.


The strength of the cyber-security chain is only equal to the strength of its weakest link

The rise in machine-to-machine communication, requiring no human intervention, or the development of digital twins (digital replicas of a piece of equipment or system), are also participating in the increase of industrial attack surfaces. It is worth remembering that the strength of the cybersecurity chain is only equal to the strength of its weakest link. The multiplication of entry points, therefore, requires an increased securing of interconnections between these different networks. It thus becomes a strategic challenge to protect sensitive industrial environments effectively.


Innovation and digital transformation

Two-thirds of business leaders think their companies need to speed up their digital transformation or face losing ground to competitors.


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