The Kill-Switch Solution

The single most important parameter during an IT security breach is time. Kill-Switch provides the ability to react within seconds to isolate the data center, application or device where the threat originates. By isolating the threat, Kill-Switch ensures it cannot spread to the rest of the company. 

Kill-Switch is the only product that concentrates the power to shut down access to an entire corporate network, or parts of a network in a single highly-secure mobile device with extensive authorization and verification protocols.

The product is supported by multiple pending patents which are created to enable the secure, real-time connection between software, hardware, and the organization’s security protocols.

Customer Value Proposition

With data security getting more and more complicated it has become impossible for most business leaders to fully understand the cybersecurity systems to which they have entrusted their company.

Kill-Switch does not aim to replace existing complex and highly automated cybersecurity systems but augments those systems by providing a simple way for the company to quickly take control of its data and network security. With Kill-Switch, a CEO can immediately and completely shut down access to all or part of their company’s network.

Integral to the Kill-Switch solution is a 24/7 monitoring service, and a team of security professionals available to assist with the resolution of security breaches and enable resumption of normal business operations.

Kill-Switch is the last line of defense. It enables quick action by senior leadership, even if they are outside of the IT organization and do not have technical knowledge. Only by implementing Kill-Switch in addition to other cybersecurity technology can a company assure customers, investors and stakeholders that it has taken all reasonable measures to insure IT and data security.