Kill-Switch and BlackFog enter into global strategic partnership

Kill-Switch and BlackFog have entered into a global strategic partnership.

BlackFog provides on-device data privacy and cyber-security protection by blocking outbound data flow. With 12 layers of defense, they protect against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection and profiling.

This partnership means that BlackFog’s 12 layers of protection is now a natural part of the Kill-Switch solution and will help collect threatening data. It also means that you can isolate your end-user devices and protect your infrastructure from being further compromised on your Kill-Switch app.

And that is why BlackFog and Kill-Switch is a great match.


For further information, contact

Mikkel Bjørklund

VP of Global Sales, Kill-Switch

+45 53 73 01 71


Thomas Madsen

VP of Business Development, BlackFog

+45 31 50 03 33