Here are the most expensive cyber-attacks

The financial impact of a cyber-attack has increased significantly, and predictions show it will continue as cyber-crime has become a huge well-organized business. Cybercriminals have built organizations from where they are selling malicious software, and you can even call their helpdesk for support if you are experiencing issues when trying to intrude companies infrastructure.

It is becoming increasingly expensive for Danish and foreign companies to get hit by a hacker attack. This, according to an analysis by Accenture, which at the same time shows which attacks are most expensive for businesses.


The most commonly used methods are malware attacks, as this is, currently, the most expensive form of an attack. According to Accenture, it is especially the employees who are the biggest threat to companies since they open dangerous links way too naively. The human nature is positive and in a second of not being apprehensive, it is too late, and malware is starting to infiltrate your company’s infrastructure.


More notably, attacks in the form of ransomware are an increasing expense for businesses. Previous analyses have shown that the number of ransomware is decreasing because companies are not paying the ransom anymore.

But since it is easy and associated with far less risk to use ransomware instead of the old fashioned way, it is seen as an increasing trend.


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