About Kill-Switch

Bringing IT security up to today’s required standards

Kill-Switch was founded in 2018 with one single purpose: bringing IT security up to today’s required standards.

The sudden spread of WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya in 2016 and 2017 left businesses paralyzed worldwide. It provided everyone with an important reminder: hackers will continue to find ways to get into your business’s systems, even with the best firewalls installed. Something was missing and businesses were at risk.


In today’s IT operations, companies rely on manual interaction when a virus or cyber attack is spreading. Typically, the filtering process prior to an attack is limited to simple detection and reporting tools. These tools only contain reporting capabilities, which provide the company with an overview. Thus, when an attack occurs the company is notified, but there is no further action taken to stop the virus from spreading.

As viruses now spread within minutes, these reporting facilities and manual action plans are inadequate. The only way to successfully isolate a virus and prevent it from spreading further into your company is to isolate it within minutes of detection. Today’s solutions are not capable of doing this.


Kill-Switch wants to provide a solution to this issue by becoming the world’s leading cyber security company. We know that you cannot stop viruses from spreading. Instead, we want to make your company more secure and ensure that the infrastructure of your business is prepared, so the virus does not spread to every corner of your business. This saves you money, time and production costs.

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