About Kill-Switch

Kill-Switch was founded in 2018 with one single purpose: provide customers the ability to respond immediately, from anywhere, to cyber security threats.

Current Company Status

  • Over €1M raised to date
  • International management, sales, and development teams in place
  • Commercial product complete and available now
  • Sales have commenced, with two major installations underway
  • Active discussions with several major additional customers in progress
  • Offices in Austin, Texas, USA, London, UK, and  Copenhagen, Denmark
  • The company is developing a consumer version of Kill-Switch and expects to commence North American and European sales in 2022


Kill-Switch continues to expand its sales efforts throughout Europe and North America, as well as to finalize the development of the consumer product. It is anticipated that the company will seek to publicly list its shares on a recognized stock exchange within the next 12 months.


Our team of highly specialized professionals is ready to show you how Kill-Switch can increase your level of IT security in a way you never thought possible

Morten Jonassen


Co-founder of Kill-Switch with 18+ years of experience within the IT sector working with large companies. Launched Kill-Switch in response to the lack of swift and effective process to protect critical systems and data during security breaches & attacks.

Peter Buck

Chief Executive Officer

Former VP of Global Operations at SAP. Over 20 years experience in business strategy, IT strategy and systems implementation. Extensive experience with large management consulting firms.

Thomas Jensenius

Chief Operational Officer

20+ years in the IT industry heading Operations & Implementation teams to ensure stability and security of IT systems and infrastructure.

Michael Khan

Chief Technology Officer

Over 20 years experience leading application development & system integration programs for Fortune 500 companies and public institutions.

Thomas Bransbye

Vice President Global Sales

Strong commercial sales profile in both new and cross sales. Driven and motivated by customer service, profitability, negotiation and process optimization.

Keith Callanan

Head of Sales UK

20+ years working within operational sales environments focusing on manufacture to retail sales and finance programmes.

Miguel Zentenos

Lead Network Engineering

With over 10 years of experience in IT Security helping prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize IT networks in the banking, utilities, and private sector.