About Kill-Switch

Kill-Switch was founded in 2018 with one single purpose: bringing IT security up to today’s required standards.

Current Company Status

  • Over €1M raised to date
  • International management, sales, and development teams in place
  • Commercial product complete and available now
  • Sales have commenced, with two major installations underway
  • Active discussions with several major additional customers in progress
  • Main office in Kastrup, Denmark, and marketing office established in London, UK
  • The company is developing a consumer version of Kill-Switch and expects to
  • commence North American and European sales in 2021


Kill-Switch is seeking additional capital to expand its sales efforts throughout Europe and North America, as well as to finalize the development of the consumer product. It is anticipated that the company will seek to publicly list its shares on a recognized stock exchange within the next 12 months.


Our team of highly specialized professionals is ready to show you how Kill-Switch can increase your level of IT security in a way you never thought possible

Morten Jonassen

Chief Executive Officer

Morten leads Kill-Switch to secure businesses’ infrastructure. Prior to co-founding Kill-Switch, Morten had 18+ years of experience within the IT sector working with huge companies and recognized that they all lacked a Kill-Switch for when viruses attack. He provides strong expertise and guidance within the industry and works to create and improve client relationships and new business.

Thomas Jensenius

Chief Operational Officer

With a solid background as Developer, Project Manager and Leader from IT and the Payment Industry the last 20+ years, Thomas is heading Operations and will be overall responsible for guiding you safely through the Kill-Switch implementation from A to Z. Thomas is experienced within project management and always sees the big picture.

Miguel Zenteno

Senior Network Engineer

Miguel is in charge of giving cybersecurity the utmost importance, making sure that Kill-Switch becomes your safest option to defend from cybercriminals and hackers compromising your network. With over 8 years of experience in the IT world, Miguel has helped prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize IT networks in the banking, utilities, and private sector.

Andres Jordan

Product Owner & Head of UX

Andres is responsible for product design, user interfaces and to provide the best user experience to our customers. He applies the most current methodologies used in design, such as design thinking, lean UX, and design sprint. With his +4 years of experience in the design and development of secure mobile applications for banks and telecommunication companies, he is responsible for building the Kill-Switch mobile application with the most advanced and secure technology.