Today's Greatest Risks

The security of commercial and personal data is a multi-billion dollar problem that faces people worldwide in today’s digital economy. In fact, it is only a matter of time until someone breaks into an online system and steals your data.

Our Solution

Kill-Switch offers a solution to the security challenges faced by all companies. Our approach protects your business against attacks with the ability to isolate network segments in response to an ongoing attack or security breach, preventing the spread of malicious software and taking control of the situation.


Kill-Switch is much more than a regular firewall. The appliance is located behind the firewall and receives information from your current install base of security tools. It is always on, it never sleeps, and it is real-time active.


While other security tools stop at detect, this is where Kill-Switch begins. The appliance is active in real time. When an attack occurs, Kill-Switch enables its features instantly and ensures successful isolation of the attack within seconds.


Our solution reduces the response time significantly because of our unique solution. With Kill-Switch installed, you can rest assured that your business will stay safe – even during a cyber-attack.